Jazz Jennings as Jaron around the age of 4 (left) and Jazz as a 11 year old in the show I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition

Jazz Jennings (born Jaron Jennings as a boy on the 6th of October, 2000) is a transgender girl and a humanitarian activist, author and artist. As a young toddler, she would wear feminine clothing, despite being born male. She was diagnosed with gender identity disorder (renamed gender dysphoria) at age 3. At first, her parents were worried about her transition, as she was not allowed to wear dresses to day care. She has first appeared in the American Brocasting Channel's 20/20 when she was 11 years old as she was given testosterone inhibitors ("blockers") that would prevent her develop secondary male characteristics during puberty, and then estrogen, the female steroid hormone when she was about 13 in order to develop secondary female characteristics. She has made a YouTube channel of her own and is now the star of the TLC show "I Am Jazz" and has published a book of the same name. She also enjoys making and paining silicone mermaid tails to be sold, and profits would be given as donation.

Personal life and FamilyEdit


A photo of Jazz' family. From left to right: Jeanette (mother), Griffen (older brother), Jazz, Sander (older brother), Greg (father) and Ari (oldest sister)

Jazz was born on October 6th, 2000 as Jaron to Jeanette and Greg. She was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. She was at first not allowed to wear feminine clothing, although her parents attempted gender-neutral clothing. She has appeared on television shows such as 20/20 and The Rosie Show since age 6 in 2007. She and her parents founded TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation on the same year. Then in 2011, I Am Jazz: A Family in Transition was aired in OWN. In 2013, she co-founded Purple Rainbow Tails for selling mermaid tails and in September of that year, she co-authored the book I Am Jazz and made a TL C show of the same name, as well as appearing in a Clear & Clear commercial in 2015. In 2013, she was a guest at the GLAAD Awards.


  • I Am Jazz, a book co-authored by Jazz along with Jessica Herthel, director of the Stonewall National Eduction Project, and illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas.